Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Australian Wordless Wednesday:Learning to stand

Today we are participating in Babble On's Wordless Wednesday!

'Learning to stand by myself has opened up a world of new adventures!'


  1. So great when they have a whole new range of things to do.

  2. too cute, love the glasses too

  3. That is such a gorgeous photo! We have one of those blackboards too! It must be so exciting being a little one learning to stand and seeing a whole new world!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies.
    Kebeni, We love the glasses too. She never wants to take them off. Certainly not a bad thing!
    Clairey, a whole new range of things for Mum to do too, which makes being a SAHM very exciting again!
    Ashleigh, how old is your little one? Certainly exciting for me but My Cam is such a cautious little thing. I think she is more anxious than excited about the standing.