Thursday, October 14, 2010

TOO BUSY TO READ?????-Part 4


After suggesting meal-time, bath-time and potty-time as moments when you could read to your child, we bring this series of posts to a close with our final suggestion: on a shopping trip.

I truly do enjoy being a SAHM but I have to be honest and admit that there are a number of duties that drive me around the bend. Topping the list is cleaning the highchair followed very closely by the grocery shopping with a toddler in tow. Are there any duties that you dislike?

It is such hard work that I refuse to go to the supermarket more than once a week. It is probably my fault that I feel this way as a grocery shop for us becomes an epic adventure. A typical itinerary includes a visit to Aldi, the greengrocer, the butcher, the fishmonger, a stop for morning tea and then we finish off at the supermarket.

While I make a day out of it, many other families take frequent but short trips to the shops. Shopping can really consume so much of our time. So, here we have another opportune moment to read to our children.


For older pre-school children, who have the necessary motor skills and attention span to manipulate a book on their own, reading  while they sit in the shopping trolley is an option. Although our minds couldn't possibly concentrate entirely on a story while we search the shelves for grocery items, you could choose a book that has a strong focus on the illustrations. Rather than concentrating on the written story you could have a great conversation about the artwork. I think something like this would be ideal:

Who's Hiding? by Satoru Onishi (Gecko Press)
I love this book more than my daughter does. It is a simple but incredibly fun book that encourages a use of memory and observation. With the use of 18 animal characters, each page presents the reader with a puzzle such as who's hiding?, who's crying? and who's sleeping? A book suited to every age.

Buy the book for $18.95 from
Alternatively, you could have a break during or after your grocery shop. My daughter and I like to stop for a treat which includes a smoothie and a savoury scone. What do you do for a break? Or do you get home as quickly as you can? 

My daughter isn't yet old enough to share an indepth converstion with my over morning tea (although she certainly does try!) so we read a book together. An adventurous story about shopping can inspire their imaginations:

SUPERMARKET ZOO by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves 
(Simon and Schuster UK)
Albie finally goes on a shopping trip with his Mum that is not boring. He has a great time with a trolley full of animals.

The author has created some great activities to complete after reading 'Supermarket Zoo':

See inside the book here.

Buy the book for $15.95 from The Book Depository UK

The Shopping Expedition by Allan Ahlberg & Andre Amstutz (Walker Books)
Read about a shopping trip that is so adventurous the family encounters a river and a jungle. 

Buy the book for $13.49 from The Nile

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