Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TOO BUSY TO READ?????-Part 3


Each morning I wake up with the best of intentions and an action plan to complete the tasks on my 'to-do' list. At the end of each day, without fail, there are tasks I just don't manage to cross off the list and my next 'to-do' list instantly becomes longer. Does your list keep getting longer too? 

Like most people I feel that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get things done, and there are some particular activities that I never seem to get around to.  For some families finding time to read with their children is one of those activities. 

This is the third installment in a series of posts on finding time to read with our children. I admit that none of the suggestions are rocket science. They're just encouraging you to think outside the square and be clever with your time. So far, the suggestions have included reading a story at meal-time and bath-time. Today's suggestion is to read while your child is sitting on the potty!!!!

Really, did I just suggest that? Yep, I did. 

I recently had an interesting discussion with my maternal and child health nurse. She was sharing with me some anecdotal evidence that toddlers prefer disposable nappies over underwear because they are made to feel quite comfy these days. It means they are hesitant to sit on the potty because they know they will have to trade in their comfy nappies. 

So, we have informally started the toilet-training process in our home. Once a day we find some time to sit on the potty. My daughter doesn't really like it. I don't blame her I suppose. It's not overly comfortable, it's cold close to the ground and to be honest there are many other interesting things she would rather be doing.  I don't think that is an uncommon attitude to the potty. Since I started reading with her at potty-time, it's been a hard-work to convince her that her time is up.

Some kids take to toilet training like a duck to water, but others need a lot more guidance. Reading can take their mind off the process for those kids that fit into the latter category, especially if the story makes them laugh. It also provides them with the chance to sit still for a little longer.  You don't have to read a 'potty' story. One of your child's favourite books would be ideal, but if you're interested here are some brand new, cute and funny potty stories I have recently found:

On My Potty, by Leslie Patricelli (Candlewick Press)
A story based on a baby's inner voice as he makes the choice to visit the potty.

Buy the book for $9.95 from Readings.

Potty Animals by Hope Vestergaard & Valeria Petrone (Sterling)
A cute and novel story about potty etiquette.

See inside the book here.

Buy the book for $14.50 from The Book Depository.

Dinosaur vs. The Potty by Bob Shea (Hyperion)
Dinosaur is too busy to go to the potty. He doesn't think he needs to go, that is until he starts doing the potty dance! I think you'll feel like you're reading about your own busy toddler in this story.

Buy the book for $14.89 from The Book Depository.

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