Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TOO BUSY TO READ????- Part 2


Today's post is the second in a series of posts about finding time to read to our children in this jam-packed life we live. Yesterday's suggestion was to read to your children while eating lunch (or any meal for that matter!) Did any of you try that yesterday?

Working closely with families as a teacher made me realise that it's not only adults that have busy lives. Children today are also busy little creatures. I might have heard from a child or two that there simply wasn't enough time to do homework after completing all the scheduled after-school activities. I can't believe the array of wonderful activities designed for toddlers too. Having a bath at the end of the day is a relaxing way to slow down and take stock of the day for you and your children.

There are so many bath books out there that your child could explore in the bath, but what's stopping you from setting up a chair beside the bath and reading a lovely story aloud to them? I personally can't think of anything more relaxing than sitting in the bath while listening to the rhyme and repetition of a story read by Mum or Dad. Here are some gorgeous water stories:

'A Giraffe in the Bath' by  Mem Fox, Olivia Rawson 
& Kerry Argent  (Penguin Australia/Viking)
A witty story, full of clever rhyme, that is perfect for reading beside the bath. Children will laugh at the funny place each animal finds itself.

Look inside the book here

Read a gorgeous book review at Kids' Book Review 

Enchanted by Books (Williamstown, Vic) is reading this story at 10.30am each day this week

Buy the book for $19.95 from

'Who Sank the Boat?' By Pamela Allen 
(Penguin Australia/Puffin Books)
A classic, rhythmical story about a group of animals that decide to embark on a boating adventure.

See inside the book here.

Read a book review at Kids' Book Review

Buy the book for $14.95 from

'Flash the Fish', by Alison Maloney & Maddy Mcclellan (Meadowside Children’s Books)
Read about the daily adventures of back-yard animals in this energetic story that uses lots of colour and fun alliterations.

See inside the book here.

Buy the book for $9.14 from The Book Depository


  1. 'Who Sank the Boat' has been a Planet Baby classic for years. My tip is to buy the board book so it lasts longer. J x

  2. Great suggestion Jane. Tips always welcome at My Little Bookcase.